Donation to Williams Syndrome Association of South Australia

A donation of $10,000 was made today to the Williams Syndrome Association of South Australia.

Williams Syndrome is a multi-system genetic disorder. Individuals with Williams Syndrome can have distinctive facial features, a range of learning difficulties, heart and blood vessel problems, short stature, unique personality traits and distinct learning abilities and deficits.

The donation will be used by the association to support families by providing respite and medical assistance services.

For more information about Williams Syndrome, please visit their website

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Tax Receipts Issued

The end of financial year is now upon us. For the year 2013 – 2014, CFKmembership increased by 150+ and raised a staggering $127,924.

This year tax receipts have been issued via email. If you have not received a tax receipt please contact a committee member.

Membership is now at 1,381 members and CFK is projected to raise over $138,000 in the coming financial year. We hope to increase membership to 1,500+ this year.

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