CFK Donates to Headspace

A $15,000 donation has been made to Headspace, Australia’s national youth and mental health foundation. Headspace has six centres in South Australia and provides assistance to youths including:

  • General health;
  • Mental health and counselling;
  • Education and employment services; and
  • Alcohol and other drug services

This donation will be split between the three regional centres at Murray Bridge, Berri and Port Augusta.

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Donation to Craniofacial Australia

CFK has made a $10,000 donation to Craniofacial Australia. The money will be utilised for their Nylon Skulls Program.

Nylon skulls are made from 3D imaging of a child’s head to give a hands on ‘map’ to the surgical team planning and executing surgery on a child with deformities. Each skull costs around $1,800 and the surgeries will be performed at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

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