CFK Epilepsy Donation makes a difference.

In December 2018 CFK donated $25,000 to the Epilepsy Centre of SA and NT to purchase 25 seizure monitors for allocation to parents of children diagnosed with Epilepsy.  To refresh your memory the monitors are attached to kids beds and detect the signs of seizures to alert parents while they are sleeping.  The monitors have been proven to save lives.

We received some wonderful feedback from one of the parents who received a monitor as a result of our donation,

“I just want to say a massive thank you! We were recipients of a seizure mat from the epilepsy centre and informed that it was donated by cops for kids. Thank you so much! You have changed our life! I’m a single mum with a 15 month old who has just been diagnosed with epilepsy and has started having seizures in his sleep so now I can actually get some sleep without all the stress and worry so again thank you. You are all angels!”

Such nice words from a parent facing adversity, we don’t consider ourselves angels, that accolade belongs to all of our members who donate their money each fortnight to help kids in need.  Well done team CFK!

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Canoe for Kids

On the weekend of April 6 and 7, CFK Chairman Drew Bynoe participated in “Canoe for Kids”, a fundraising initiative by staff of the Police Credit Union.  The event was based at Roonka Scout Camp (7km’s up river from Blanchetown) with members paddling over 34km’s across the two days on the main river, creeks and hidden lagoons.

All monies raised (over $6,000 and counting) will be donated to Police Link at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to be used for Christmas gifts.  This is an outstanding initiative by the Police Credit Union.  We are reliably informed Drew can now lift his arms above his shoulders again…….

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