SYP Fitness raise money for Emergency Services

On Sunday the 9th of June SYP Fitness at Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsula held a fitness charity sports day.  Upwards of 150 people attended the event that involved competitions between Police, Country Fire Service, Military and the Ambulance Service.  Auctions on the day raised $2362 and the police were the winning team earning them 40% of the auction takings.  The police team decided to donate their winnings to us to the amount of $1000.   What a great effort and an outstanding initiative from SYP Fitness.  Not only have we received a donation but the other emergency services received the remaining 60% between them.

We’d like to thank every competitor who took part in the June long weekend charity event and shout out special thanks to Tyler Watts of Stansbury Police and Alichia Cranwell – owner of SYP Fitness, you guys rock!

You can check out SYP Fitness at:  SYP Fitness Website &  SYP Fitness – Facebook

42 Main St Minlaton.

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CFK Epilepsy Donation makes a difference.

In December 2018 CFK donated $25,000 to the Epilepsy Centre of SA and NT to purchase 25 seizure monitors for allocation to parents of children diagnosed with Epilepsy.  To refresh your memory the monitors are attached to kids beds and detect the signs of seizures to alert parents while they are sleeping.  The monitors have been proven to save lives.

We received some wonderful feedback from one of the parents who received a monitor as a result of our donation,

“I just want to say a massive thank you! We were recipients of a seizure mat from the epilepsy centre and informed that it was donated by cops for kids. Thank you so much! You have changed our life! I’m a single mum with a 15 month old who has just been diagnosed with epilepsy and has started having seizures in his sleep so now I can actually get some sleep without all the stress and worry so again thank you. You are all angels!”

Such nice words from a parent facing adversity, we don’t consider ourselves angels, that accolade belongs to all of our members who donate their money each fortnight to help kids in need.  Well done team CFK!

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Canoe for Kids

On the weekend of April 6 and 7, CFK Chairman Drew Bynoe participated in “Canoe for Kids”, a fundraising initiative by staff of the Police Credit Union.  The event was based at Roonka Scout Camp (7km’s up river from Blanchetown) with members paddling over 34km’s across the two days on the main river, creeks and hidden lagoons.

All monies raised (over $6,000 and counting) will be donated to Police Link at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to be used for Christmas gifts.  This is an outstanding initiative by the Police Credit Union.  We are reliably informed Drew can now lift his arms above his shoulders again…….

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Women’s and Children’s Foundation

$25,000 has been donated to The Women’s and Children’s Foundation in support of their Beach House Project.  Our donated funds will be used to purchase white goods, furniture and appliances that will be used by the attending families and the nursing staff.  This donation is similar to the donation made to Ronald McDonald House.


The Beach House (at Victor Harbor), has been a long term project that is nearing completion.  Every family deserves good memories, especially those with a child facing a life-limiting illness.

In South Australia, there is no purpose-built accommodation for families of children with complex medical needs. The WCH Foundation Beach House is a major project aiming to provide respite accommodation for families caring around-the-clock for children requiring significant support due to a life-limiting illness.  The Beach House will be a special place for children and their families to relax and create happy memories together.  Sadly, for most families using the house, it may be the last time their families will be whole.  A link to the project can be found on the WCH website

CFK has been a long term supporters of the WCH and the WCH Foundation.  We have now donated $125,000 to the Foundation over the last twelve years.

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Country Fire Service Foundation donation.

$12,500 has been donated to the CFS Foundation to buy 500 Trauma Teddies.  These Teddies are given to children at scenes of road accidents, fires, storm surges or any incident where there is a need.  Did you know there are 484 CFS Brigades across the State?  Every day, each one of these brigades may attend a trauma scene where a Teddy may be needed.  We are really proud to donate to a fellow emergency service initiative serviced by volunteers.  Information about the CFS Foundation and what they do can be found at

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The Epilepsy Centre of SA and NT.

$25,000 has been donated to The Epilepsy Centre of SA and NT to purchase 25 seizure monitors.  These monitors, imported from Finland at a cost of $1,000 each, are attached to a child’s bed to detect movements similar to seizures, sounding an alarm and alerting the family.  This device allows parents to sleep in their own beds at night instead of on the floor or in the child’s bed to ensure a child’s safety.  These monitors will be supplied free to families with a child with Epilepsy.  These monitors have proven to save lives.  Information about The Epilepsy Centre can be found at  

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Starlight & St John Youth Services donations

$12,000 has been donated to the Starlight Foundation to support an Australian first pilot program at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  Captain Starlight(s) will be working in the Specialist Burns Unit assisting the Specialist Burns Nurse/On Duty Anaesthetist treating in and outpatient burns sufferers.  The Captains will be used to distract children during treatments, bandage changes and painful procedures.  The initial stages of the pilot have been very positive.  It is hoped the program will be launched Australia wide next year.  We will keep you posted.  Information about the Starlight Foundation can be found at

$25,000 has been donated to St Johns Youth Services to assist with the issues of youth homelessness and unemployment.  St Johns have established the Hub on Currie Street that consists of an accredited training kitchen, working café, event and gallery spaces with support services such as the Meridian Vocational College, Kornar Winmil Yunti, Anglicare SA, Wise Employment and the St Johns Youth Service outreach team  to provide pathways for young people to employment in the hospitality industry, not as casual baristas or dishwashers, but as accredited cooks and chefs as well as other employment pathways.  The Hub is designed to offer children, youths and young adults the opportunity to access numerous employment providers and support services to train clients to become self-sufficient, self-caring and productive members of the community by offering hope, belief and support.  Information about St Johns can be found at

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CFK donate to Foodbank

CFK recently made a $20,000 donation to Foodbank (SA).  If you are not aware Foodbank (SA)run a range of programs to assist school students experiencing food insecurity across metropolitan Adelaide as well as regional and remote areas of South Australia.  Through consultation with the 460 schools involved in the Foodbank SA School Programs, it has been identified that many students and families facing food insecurity also struggle to afford personal hygiene products. It has been highlighted by schools that this can lead to young women avoiding school for a significant period of time over the school year.
CFK has funded the Foodbanks (SA) Young Women’s Program which aims to provide young women between 10-17 years of age with a pack containing a weeks worth of essential sanitary items in a discreet toiletry bag.  Up to 2000 Young women’s packs will be distributed through the schools program.  Schools will be able to order the packs to have on hand to provide to students needing products.  The packs will also benefit all young women attending Foodbank SA Food Hubs and youth support agencies across South Australia.
CFK and Foodbank SA aim to make life a little easier for young women in need by helping to provide essential sanitary products so they are able to attend school or alternative education centres, thereby continuing their education. .

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