Starlight & St John Youth Services donations

$12,000 has been donated to the Starlight Foundation to support an Australian first pilot program at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  Captain Starlight(s) will be working in the Specialist Burns Unit assisting the Specialist Burns Nurse/On Duty Anaesthetist treating in and outpatient burns sufferers.  The Captains will be used to distract children during treatments, bandage changes and painful procedures.  The initial stages of the pilot have been very positive.  It is hoped the program will be launched Australia wide next year.  We will keep you posted.  Information about the Starlight Foundation can be found at

$25,000 has been donated to St Johns Youth Services to assist with the issues of youth homelessness and unemployment.  St Johns have established the Hub on Currie Street that consists of an accredited training kitchen, working café, event and gallery spaces with support services such as the Meridian Vocational College, Kornar Winmil Yunti, Anglicare SA, Wise Employment and the St Johns Youth Service outreach team  to provide pathways for young people to employment in the hospitality industry, not as casual baristas or dishwashers, but as accredited cooks and chefs as well as other employment pathways.  The Hub is designed to offer children, youths and young adults the opportunity to access numerous employment providers and support services to train clients to become self-sufficient, self-caring and productive members of the community by offering hope, belief and support.  Information about St Johns can be found at

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CFK donate to Foodbank

CFK recently made a $20,000 donation to Foodbank (SA).  If you are not aware Foodbank (SA)run a range of programs to assist school students experiencing food insecurity across metropolitan Adelaide as well as regional and remote areas of South Australia.  Through consultation with the 460 schools involved in the Foodbank SA School Programs, it has been identified that many students and families facing food insecurity also struggle to afford personal hygiene products. It has been highlighted by schools that this can lead to young women avoiding school for a significant period of time over the school year.
CFK has funded the Foodbanks (SA) Young Women’s Program which aims to provide young women between 10-17 years of age with a pack containing a weeks worth of essential sanitary items in a discreet toiletry bag.  Up to 2000 Young women’s packs will be distributed through the schools program.  Schools will be able to order the packs to have on hand to provide to students needing products.  The packs will also benefit all young women attending Foodbank SA Food Hubs and youth support agencies across South Australia.
CFK and Foodbank SA aim to make life a little easier for young women in need by helping to provide essential sanitary products so they are able to attend school or alternative education centres, thereby continuing their education. .

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Commendation for CFK Committee Member Nick Patterson


It is with great honour that we recognise the actions of one of our committee members, SC1C Nick Patterson.  Nick was recently recognised for his actions on Boxing Day in 2017, where he saved a woman’s life at the Millicent swimming lake.


In Nick’s own words he ‘hoped that it would have just slid by’ which gives you an idea of how humble and self-effacing he is.  We could go on and on about Nick and the work he does, but we don’t want to seem biased so we’ll leave that to Mount Gambier MP Troy Bell who recognised Nick’s efforts and community involvement in a speech now recorded in Parliamentary Hansard.


Congratulations Nick, and no we don’t think it ‘slid by’.


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End of Financial Year – Update your Contact Details

We are now nearing the end of the 2017/2018 financial year and it will soon be time to distribute tax receipts. As with the past few years, electronic PDF tax receipts will be issued to members via their nominated email address.

If you have recently moved on from SAPOL or are on extended leave you can update your contact details by sending us an email at [email protected] or using the Contact Us Page on this website.

Tax receipts will be issued in early July 2018.

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SPELD donation update.

Following Cops for kids last donation to SPELD we are very happy to have been updated on how the money is being used.  SPELD advance the education and general welfare of individuals with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, through the provision of quality information and professional services to individuals, families, schools and other organisations.  SPELD have used the cops for kids donation most recently to purchase a stock of books to this end that will be distributed to libraries for public use.

Check out the SPELD Facebook page for more info and the acknowledgement of CFK.

“Thanks to a generous donation from Cops for Kids to SPELD SA, they will soon be available for South Australians through our OneCard libray network scheme.”

SPELD SA Facebook page

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SPELD & Second Chances

CFK has made two donations: 
$25,000 was donated to SPELD, a non-profit organisation who provides advice, support and services to children with dyslexia and literacy difficulties, and to support the people who care for, teach and work with them.  The donation will be used to purchase specialist phonic books that are a crucial tool to help children struggling to read.  These books will be used at SPELD with a large number placed in libraries throughout the State.  This will make it easier for families, schools and kids to access.  For more information about SPELD and their services, please have a look at SPELD.
$8,100 was donated to Second Chances, an organisation who supports children whose parents are in prison.  Children of those in prison can be maligned, discriminated against and face their own hardships not borne of their own doing.  Second Chances helps to break this cycle.  The donation will be used by the Second Chances Family care workers to purchase items such as school uniforms, sports shoes etc to restore the dignity of the child, prevent truancy, divert them from detention, reduce bullying and minimise social exclusion..  Information about Second Chances can be found at Second Chances.

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Nunga Tag Sports Carnival donation.

CFK has given a $5,000 donation to support the Nunga Tag Sports Carnival.  This event was held on Wednesday 7th March 2018 on the grounds of the Christies Beach High School.  Nunga Tag is a community sporting event that not only promotes healthy choices, sportsmanship, inclusiveness, wellbeing and cultural unity, but also provides an opportunity to access information about local service providers within their region.375 students from 16 schools participated. 35 Service Providers in the areas of Health, Education, Housing, and Family Support (including SAPOL) were invited to hold information stalls at the event to promote their services as well as promoting educational and career paths.

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Ronald McDonald House update

Committee members met with Ronald McDonald House staff on Monday 26/2/2018 for the unveiling of the new equipment purchased to help families seeking treatment.  CFK’s donation purchased 4 washers and 4 dryers and the staff at RMH are delighted with the new equipment.  CFK have been acknowledged for their donation with a plaque in the laundry.

CFK Committee members at Ronald McDonald House


Check out the update at Ronald McDonald house on Facebook

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Ronald McDonald House Donation & APS/APRA update

CFK has given a $20,000 donation to Ronald McDonald House (RMH).  The donation has been used to buy industrial washing machines and dryers  for both Houses on Melbourne Street.  This equipment will be used by numerous families who use the services of RMH due to the long-term illnesses of their children.  CFK members have been among the families who use RMH.  CFK previously assisted RMH to fully update three rooms in one of the Houses in 2014.  Information about RMH Adelaide can be found at Ronald McDonald House.

The second APS/APRA/CFK Clinical Research Grant recipient will be announced in a few weeks in March.  This is a $30,000 grant awarded to a clinical researcher to support research exploring various aspects of paediatric pain management – studies that will ultimately lead to improving health outcomes for children.  Last year’s recipient is completing her study and will present her report at the Australian Pain Society National Conference in Sydney later this year to over 1,000 members of the Australian Pain Society. 

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