$1,000,000 Presentation – Police Legacy

CFK donation of $30,000 to Police Legacy marking the millionth dollar raised and donated by CFK members.


On Thursday the 19th of October 2017 Cops for Kids celebrated an extraordinary milestone.  As of that day, Cops for Kids had raised and donated to the children of South Australia




The generosity of Cops for Kids members has been amazing and every member should feel extremely proud of what has been achieved over the last eleven years. Their donations have had a massive impact in the lives of sick and underprivileged children in South Australia. 


The landmark donation was a poignant one as it was made for the ‘police family’. 


Cops for Kids and Police Legacy have partnered to form a special grant program that will care for the children of deceased South Australia Police (SAPOL) members. 


$30,000 has been donated by Cops for Kids to Police Legacy to care and assist with Police Legacy Wards via a special grant program.  This will benefit the families of SAPOL members who have suffered through the trauma of losing a parent. 


Sadly, SAPOL have too many recent incidents where a  member has died leaving their families devastated.  The work undertaken by Police Legacy with these families is incredible.  Cops for Kids is honoured to assist.    


Mending a policewoman’s broken heart: Cops for Kids, SA Police Legacy wrap around family


In light of this landmark donation it’s timely to reflect that Cops for Kids is not one person.  A large amount of people are responsible for the success of Cops for Kids, be they members, mates, family friends or businesses that have stepped forward to help. We are the prime example of what collective fundraising can do and are the envy of many charities. 


The Cops for Kids Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank each member for their contributions and look forward to raising the next million dollars.

For more information on the top work of Police Legacy check out Police Legacy’s website and be sure to follow them on the Police Legacy – Facebook page


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Australian Charity Awards – CFK win Outstanding Achievement Award

It is with great pride that we can finally inform you, cops for kids has been recognised with an “Outstanding Achievement Award” in The Australian Charity Awards 2017. 


 Cops for Kids has been recognised as a Winner for Outstanding Achievement (OAA) in The Australian Charity Awards 2017. Now in their fifth year, The Australian Charity Awards are a partner program of The Australian Business Awards and have been established to identify, recognise and reward organisations for the exceptional work undertaken through their charitable initiatives.

Drew Bynoe, Chairman of Cops for Kids says they are proud to have been recognised for their contribution to the establishment of an Australia first paediatric pain research grant in partnership with the Australian Pain Society and the Australian Pain Relief Association. The aim of the grant is to support clinical research exploring various aspects of paediatric pain management. These studies will ultimately lead to improving health outcomes for children, not just in South Australia but worldwide.

“Cops for kids is honoured to be recognised as a Winner for Outstanding Achievement in the Australian Charity Awards 2017.

This award acknowledges the wonderful contribution the members of Cops for Kids make to the community of South Australia in the support of services for the health, welfare and safety of its children.

This award is recognition of each member of Cops for Kids and each member’s dedication to helping sick and disadvantaged children”.

“Today, charitable organisations are facing ongoing challenges in their operating environment. Measuring the performance and impact of their initiatives has become an important part of operations for the third sector,” Australian Charity Awards Program Director, Ms Tara Johnston, said.

“In this context, the sustainability of charities depends more than ever on their performance management and their ability to innovate. Being innovative has the potential to elevate charitable organisations in their efforts to achieve a long-term social impact and financial sustainability.

“The Australian Charity Awards 2017 are proud to acknowledge the role of charitable organisations in Australia and commend the eight organisations recognised for the execution of innovative initiatives that have significantly benefited charitable causes,” Ms Johnston added.

About the Awards

The Australian Charity Awards provide organisations with the opportunity to raise the awareness of their important causes by having their projects, initiatives, contributions and achievements recognised through a national recognition program. The program is open to charitable organisations including charitable funds and charitable institutions operating in Australia. Charitable institutions include Public Benevolent Institutions and Health Promotion Charities.

Entrants are required to demonstrate the execution of innovative, well-managed, high-performing charitable initiatives. The World Business Awards Framework is utilised as a structured model of assessment that enables the participating organisations to be benchmarked against world class performance standards.

The Australian Charity Award for Outstanding Achievement (OAA) culminating in an overall winner for Charity of the Year (CHY) honour the dedication and achievements of charitable organisations and the measurable impact of their initiatives. Initiatives can include but are not limited to projects, programs, processes, services, systems, technologies, developments, ventures and undertakings.

For more information on The Australian Charity Awards and the 2017 Winners go to Outstanding Award Winners 2017.

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Heartkids & Relationships Australia SA

CFK has given a $20,000 donation to Heartkids SA.  The donation will support families travelling interstate for life saving heart surgery (not available in SA) with the Care Bag program.  These bags are provided to families to support them when interstate and contain a vast number of necessary items to assist families.  Our donation will fund this program for at least three years.  More information about Heartkids can be found at Heartkids SA


This donation was made in the memory of baby Lincoln, a member of the Sapol family and a Heartkids angel.


CFK has also donated 20 copies of the book, The Life Of Tree” to Relationships Australia SA.  This book is aimed at Aboriginal children to help develop understanding and resilience in the face of domestic violence and trauma using the therapeutic suggestions included in the book.  These books will be used as a resource in the APY lands to assist the local communities.  Relationships Australia SA have worked on the APY Lands for 12 years in various programs, with families and young children, providing a focus on sharing information that can unite with cultural ways of “Many Eyes Parenting” to improve the outcomes for children and parents.   Click the link to read more about The Life Of Tree

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A.C. Care regional donation.

AC Care donationCFK has donated $20,000 to A.C Care.  This donation will be used to support the Youth Resilience Scholarship for children living in the Limestone Coast, Murray Mallee and Riverland regions of South Australia. The aim of this scholarship is to provide encouragement, financial assistance and support to disadvantaged primary and secondary students so they have the best chance of succeeding in their education and will involve numerous families throughout these regions.  More information about A.C. Care can be found at www.accare.org.au 

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Can Do for Kids

Can Do for Kids has received a donation of $14,157 to fund the purchase of 10 large screen Professional iPads (and the specialist clinical apps) to assist families with the implementation of therapy-at-home training.   This training will be undertaken by specialist Can Do for Kids therapists utilising the latest technologies available via the iPads.  More information about Can Do for Kids can be found at www.candogroup.com.au

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Fire Truck Pull &TeamKids Appeal Donation

The South Australian Police "Cops for Kids" team (left) races against the Australian Army 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment team in a competition to pull a fully loaded fire truck 75 metres first across the Clipsal 500 race track finish line, to help raise charity funds for the Team Kids Easter Appeal 2017 Fire Engine Pull. *** Local Caption *** The TeamKids Easter Appeal is a perfect example of what TeamKids is all about – people coming together to make a positive difference within our community. The funds raised, through donations, sponsorship, gifts, pledges and in kind support, will help continue to fund important equipment, research and services vital for over a quarter of a million children, babies and women who rely on the Women’s and Children’s Hospital each year.
The South Australian Police “Cops for Kids” team (left) races against the Australian Army 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment team in a competition to pull a fully loaded fire truck 75 metres first across the Clipsal 500 race track finish line, to help raise charity funds for the TeamKids Easter Appeal 2017 Fire Engine Pull.  The funds raised through donations will help continue to fund important equipment, research and services vital for over a quarter of a million children, babies and women who rely on the Women’s and Children’s Hospital each year.


On a very wet Sunday during the March long weekend, a very proud CFK team took up the long rope in the annual Fire Truck Pull against the Army, Airforce and our long-time rivals, members of the Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation (Airport and MFS firees) on the main straight of the Clipsal Track.

It was an excellent event with all teams getting into the spirit of the day.  The CFK committee extend their thanks to the CFK team members for giving up their time and for their fabulous efforts on the day.  CFK has had a long-term commitment to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to support the life saving work performed there every day.

This year CFK has committed to donate $13,830 to the TeamKids Appeal.  Many of you may think this amount is unusual but with this donation, CFK has given


to the hospital over the last ten years.  Considering our first donation to the hospital was $1000 in 2007, this is a magnificent and life changing commitment.   

Footage of the Fire Truck pull can be found here:

Heat 1 @20:20.  Teamkids Fire Truck Pull Heat 1

Heat 2 @11:16; Final @34:54.  Teamkids Fire Truck Pull Heat 2 & Final

To see more of the good work done by TeamKids click this link:  TeamKids

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Asthma Foundation (SA)

CFK has donated $15,000 to the Asthma Foundation (SA).  This donation will be used to print 1,200 “Asthma Control Packs” and distribute them free to hospitals to provide to children admitted with asthma related conditions.  In conjunction with this program, specialist information sessions will be delivered by Foundation staff to children, families and medical staff to educate all on managing childhood asthma.  This donation supports a previous donation to the Asthma Foundation by CFK in 2010 where members money was used to purchase Emergency Asthma kits.  More about the Asthma Foundation can be found at  www.asthmaaustralia.org.au/sa/home

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Childhood Cancer Association

CFK has provided $15,000 to the Childhood Cancer Association to support their Hospital Visitation Program where the CCA’S Clinical Psychologists conduct daily visits to children and their families at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  This program provides expertise in the areas of psychological intervention, bereavement counselling, assistance with the impact of cancer diagnosis, family counselling and referrals to specialist areas that assist the entire family unit.  This is an essential program that helps children and their families through the trauma of diagnosis, care and sometimes the loss of a child with cancer.  Their website is www.childhoodcancer.asn.au

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Donation to CFK by Elizabeth Blue Light

A massive thank you to the members of the Elizabeth Blue Light Committee for the extraordinary donation of $2,000 to cops for kids.

It is wonderful to have so many Elizabeth members as part of cops for kids (special thanks to Marijka who suggested the donation and who has been a long time and committed supporter).    We would like to thank them and to recognise their passion for helping the children of South Australia.

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